School Alerts is a free, easy-to-use program that is simply the result of finding an answer to a common problem: When school needs to be closed, how do we easily notify everyone who needs to know?

When schools need to dismiss classes, close early or start late due to bad weather or other circumstances, how do parents and care-givers find out? If they are listening to the radio or watching TV they can hear or see the list of school notices there, but what about taking the notification process a step further and contact them directly?

And what about those school administrators who currently have a long list of numbers to call when school is cancelled? What if they only had to log in and send out one message that will reach all media outlets, parents, daycare providers and other interested individuals who have signed up?

School Alerts provides a solution to both of these problems. School administrators can sign up to post notices about school closings, delays and early dismissals, and media outlets, parents and others can sign up to "watch" certain schools or school districts, and receive instant notifications when those school administrators post a notice.

There are two ways for parents, guardians, daycare providers, school staff and the media to receive notifications:

School Alerts is administered by the Iowa Department of Administrative Services and is offered as a free service for Iowa school districts and citizens.

Funding for development of this application came from the IOWAccess initiative, which seeks to provide e-government solutions to the people of Iowa.

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